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Topsoil Addition

Top-Quality Topsoil Addition

Enhance Your Landscape With a Topsoil Addition

Removing an unwanted stump is only half the battle. After the stump is gone, the empty hole must be addressed. Without properly filling the hole, it can become a dangerous hazard to animals, children, and adults.

As part of our stump removal service, we also provide topsoil addition to enhance the look of your yard and protect your family.

Experienced and Most Trusted in the Area

Because Stump-I-Cide has been in business since 1991, we know a thing or two about proper stump removal services. Our customer service and timeliness has made us the number one company in the area.

Topsoil Addition Services

  • Additional debris will be removed
  • Hole filled with high quality topsoil
  • Mulch can be added on top

Filling Your Hole With Topsoil

Unfortunately, planting a new tree in the hole that was created is a bad idea. Because the entire stump and root system cannot be removed, new trees aren't likely to thrive. That is why we provide topsoil services.
Let us fill that unsightly hole with topsoil after we have ground down your stump. 
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We can handle both large and small jobs.
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