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Stump Removal

Exceptional Stump Removal Services

Get Rid of Stubborn Stumps

Stumps are the hardest part of the tree to get rid of because removing them requires the use of special equipment. Our team of stump removal experts has the technology and the know-how to remove unwanted stumps safely and quickly. Call Stump-I-Cide today!

FREE Estimates

Don't continue putting up with an old stump that is an eyesore because you fear how much it might cost to remove it.
We will provide you with a FREE estimate so you can see just how affordable our services can be. Contact us today for more information.

Stump Removal Services

Let us provide you with a FREE personalized estimate on our tree stump removal services. 
Call: 314-341-2852
The best stump remover in town is just a phone call away. We work as if your yard is ours!

We provide service to St. Louis, St. Charles, Pacific, Eureka and all of North and South Counties.
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